“Steve is an impressive leader with an exceptional mix of business acumen and EQ (emotional intelligence). Not only does he have the patience of a saint, but he also goes above and beyond to ensure that the business and staff in his charge are well cared for. Steve's ability to manage finances is proven with over 350% in profits in just three years in the Medical, Spa, Cafe divisions of Groton Wellness. I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work with, and learn from Steve.  He truly is a valued mentor, co-worker and friend."

Christine Habermann, Director of Marketing, Groton Wellness

November 2016

Steve is a consummate business leader; he listens well, is able to decisively shape strategies and effectively organize employee, team, departmental and company-wide efforts. He places people in appropriate positions and gives them the tools they need to do their jobs while challenging them to do their utmost. I found Steve to be tough, but fair-minded, and very much focused on doing the right thing for everyone. I enjoyed working for Steve and have a great deal of respect for him both professionally and personally. I would highly recommend him.” 
Ed Domit, Mechanical Engineering Manager, USM Corporation
August 2012

"As a middle-manager working for Steve, I found that he always clearly set and communicated relevant and specific goals and objectives for everyone in the company. Steve has a knack for encouraging and empowering his staff to develop, discuss and successfully implement strategies and changes which align with the company’s mission. 
A true mentor, Steve guides rather than directs his staff, letting them “own” and be committed to ensuring success of their supportive strategies. I enjoyed working in the environment he fostered, which included high expectations with his support when “taking risks” to make tough decisions or to resolve difficult challenges."
Debra Roberts, Customer Service & Billing Manager, Alternative Care Providers, Inc.
March 2013

“Steve listens attentively, quickly grasps the substantive issues, asks incisive questions, and communicates effectively. Steve makes solid decisions and follows up well. He is both professional and personable. I've enjoyed our business relationship over the past 20 years with numerous clients and look forward to continuing to doing business with Steve in the future.”
Chip Boynton, Owner, Boynton Insurance
July 2010​

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